EXAMPLE ONLY: *3 treatments each for up to 6 girls: Face Painting Eye Designs with glitter, crystals and liquid bling

Glitter tattoos plus 

Nail painting from a choice of 100 colours from OPI & Nails Inc plus toppings such as butterflies, flowers, glitter or special effects.

* Duration: up to 2hrs

* Numbers:  Up to 6 girls £120

If more girls and more products please enquire for prices as another beautician will also attend.

Tailored Parties


We can tailor a party to whatever your daughter would like. From Foot pampers, hand pampers, makeup, face art, festival glitter, party hair, glitter tattoos and much more.

 Treatment choices:

1. Sparkly Make Up                                                 

2. Sparkly Eye Designs with Face Paint Jewels & Glitter  

3. Party Hair including hair feathers, glimmer stands, clips and glitter

4. Glitter Tattoos

5. Nail Paint and Toppings

6. Nail Pamper (soak, scrub and cream)

7. Toe nail Painting * Only when with Foot Pamper is chosen as well

8. Foot Pamper  (Soak, scrub, cream)

The average party will cost £120 for up to 2hrs with 1 beautician.

For larger groups of girls or for more treatments 2 beauticians will attend.  Please do contact us with your requirements out contact page.

* £120 1 beautician

*£180 2 beauticians

*Price will depend on chosen treatments and how many children please enquire with your details for a quote